Website Promotion Through Newsletters

Website promotion is certainly a main focus of all business owners and their respective Web sites; however it is not something that happens overnight. This is because once you have a new Web site it takes a bit of time before search engines upload your URL and it becomes part of search results. Also, while your Web page might be returned in the results of free search engines, it will still not relate to the amount of traffic you want. As a result, there is one particular way to increase traffic to your Web site that is inexpensive, and that is web site promotion through newsletters.

Many newsletter editors online are looking for new information from new business all the time. However, they generally do not want to pay for the article you write but rather prefer to trade a byline or a small advertisement for your business or web page. As a result, all you need to do is spend a few hours writing a newsletter that discusses a relevant topic and that also has a plug for your web page. This is a way for you to quickly get the word out about your web page as well as increase traffic and business while you are waiting for the search engines to get your information in the system and part of the search results.

Finding newsletter editors online that need information submitted and will allow you to trade a newsletter for an advertisement plug is not difficult and all you need to do is search your favorite search engine. However, whatever newsletter editor you are writing for, you will want to make sure its subscribers are part of your niche or it might not prove very successful for you.

Make sure, however, you do not transfer the copyright of your article to anyone, but only grant the right to print your newsletter. By doing this, you can submit this one newsletter to multiple ezines and the like and reach many more potential subscribers than you would with only one. Also, it saves you time because you do not have to write new newsletters for every ezine.When you write the resource box for your advertisement, make sure you include your entire web site address so individuals can simply click on the address and be taken directly to your page rather than having to cut and paste. The easier you make it, the more individuals will take a look at what you have to offer. Also, you might consider using different advertisements from time to time in order to rate which ones are most productive at getting individuals to actually click on the link. The one that generates the most traffic is certainly the one you want to use, however you will need to play with your advertisement a little in order to get it just like you want and have it generate the most traffic possible for your new web site.

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Internet Marketing For Rookies, Newbies

If you type the words “internet marketing” (without the quotes) into the Google search engine, you’ll get approximately 146,000,000 search results. So if you’re a beginner in the world of internet marketing, how do you know where to start with this huge pool of information?

While there’s something to be said for reading up on the subject matter, at some point you have to get started, so here are some ideas, and tips on internet marketing for rookies.

First of all, be aware that the internet is a very fluid medium, and your website is likely to undergo lots of changes, so it’s no good being married to one particular site design no matter what. With all the internet marketing information available to you, when you sift through it, you have to ask yourself some basic questions, like whether it fits your personality, addresses your goals, and fits in with your work ethic and budget.

When it comes to internet marketing for your website, or using your website to market your bricks-and-mortar business, you will be climbing a fairly steep learning curve as a beginner, so be prepared to make changes, but at the same time, realize that you don’t have to take every piece of internet marketing advice you come across in your first year.

One of the most common and least expensive internet marketing techniques for beginners includes using article marketing. This is the practice of writing articles and publishing them online at sites like EzineArticles, Squidoo, and eHow. Be sure you follow all the editorial guidelines, because some of the article sites are quite strict about them. While Squidoo is fairly laid back in terms of editorial requirements, EzineArticles is pretty strict, and now that has been bought by Demand Media, it is very particular about which articles it will accept.

Many newbies at internet marketing start out with a blog, and this is another good option, particularly if you link to it in any articles you submit to article sites. Starting a Facebook page for your business is another savvy marketing move that doesn’t cost anything except your time. You do have to have a personal Facebook account before you can set up a business page. This is a great way to recruit real-world friends to bring others to your website or blog where you market your business. The same is true for Twitter, and you will attract and followers there and on Facebook as long as you publish real information rather than just one promotional link after another.

Another very important – perhaps the most important – concept for internet marketing rookies is to make sure that your marketing efforts reach their intended audience. Back in the old days of snail mail and buying ads in print magazines the saying was, “Don’t buy a ‘dog’ ad in a ‘cat’ magazine.” The modern equivalent is “don’t buy a dog ad on a cat website”. Fortunately, no matter how esoteric your product or service is, there are likely several highly trafficked websites that address your particular niche.

As soon as you begin buying ads, it is very important to track the results of your marketing. For internet marketing beginners, this is just as important as careful ad placement. You have to learn where your ads are performing well and where they’re not meeting expectations in order to make your ads more effective. Some ad programs, like Google AdWords, offer an extensive suite of monitoring tools so that you can easily find out what is working and what is not. There is a lot of “free” or low cost stuff out there but please be selective. The author prides himself on finding some of the best deals out there.

If you’re new to internet marketing, understand that every internet marketing success story started with a person who did their homework and at some point jumped into the game. It’s like double-dutch jump roping: you can watch the ropes go around forever, but unless at some point you jump in there, you won’t be part of the game. So don’t let fear hold you back. The most successful internet marketers were once newbies just like you.

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Home Based Business and the False Expectations Associated With It

What do you expect from your home based business? Most people tend to adopt false or unrealistic expectations while getting into businesses from their homes.The number of people who desire to work from their homes is growing at a very rapid pace. There are plenty of reasons why people want to stay at home and work from there.The prominent reasons are:

Being your own boss
Flexible time schedule
Spending more time with family and children
Unlimited growth prospects
Sick and tired of the hierarchy levels in their existing work
Sadly, a lot of people jump into home business ventures with false expectations. They think that working from home doesn’t require much effort when compared to other traditional works. However, this is absolutely not true. In reality, any work from home business requires complete dedication and lot of effort in order to succeed. The ideal scenario would be to learn from the people who are actually successful.In most cases, the false expectations from home businesses are initiated by the advertisements which claim that you can make money by working for just 2 hours a day or even while you are sleeping.Below are few of those misconceptions which people have while starting their home based business:It’s so easy that anyone will be successful:Logically, this statement doesn’t hold any substance even to an experienced person. To make a home business into a successful venture, you’ll need to contribute a lot of time and dedication. There are so many factors like sales, startup capital, technology, finance, team management etc, which you will need to consider very closely. Only by mastering the above mentioned factors, you can grow in confidence and succeed.Like any other business, to succeed with your business opportunity, trial and error methods play an imperative role. You have to make learning an ongoing process. You’ll even need to become a student and learn from other successful people about the tricks of running a home business venture. You got to be on your toes all the time and try to gather as much information as you can, related to your business.Information is going to be your strength and it will open your mind for new learning which will reflect in your profits on a long run.You will make millions overnight:This is another false expectation why people jump into home business ventures even without thinking. Unless you are involved in some illegitimate activities, you cannot make millions overnight. It is just not logical. Expecting to make millions overnight without putting in the due effort is foolish. Life doesn’t work that way and your business from home is no different either.Own a website, it will work for you:Websites cannot work just by themselves. They are not independent entities and they cannot maintain themselves. Yes, having a website will certainly help you in your business. It has to be maintained and updated regularly, in order to make it work for you. Most importantly, you will need to promote your website aggressively so that it becomes noticeable on the net. This particular activity is not a one time task and you will need to be on it at all times.It is very surprising that many people venturing into a home based business fail to see the reality. It is not as easy as it sounds. However, there are millions of people who are able to generate regular income from their business from home due to sheer hard work and dedication.

Best Home Based Business Opportunity – What You Need to Succeed

If you are convinced you are perfect for the best home based business opportunity online, there are some points you can consider to determine whether or not this is actually true. While there are certainly many profitable home based business opportunities to be found online today, most people looking for such prospects have a get-rich-quick mindset. Any program claiming to offer such easy financial gains is not a legitimate program you want to become involved in. They might make wild income claims associated with the idea of no work at all. This is never actually the case, so do not buy into a start up home based business that makes such suggestions.In a world of leisure, there are many lazy, unmotivated procrastinators that look into starting an online business because they do not want to actually work. If this is the reason you are seeking the best home based business opportunity, you will not find what you are looking for. The legitimate top online business prospects will be sure to let you know that hard work and dedication is required to get any business off the ground, whether online or off.If, however, you are among the hardworking individuals who are ready to take on an exciting new prospect of making money without ever leaving home, the best home based business opportunity is waiting for you! It is a person with an attitude of excitement and optimism that will succeed in running their own profitable home based business. You must also be able and willing to follow directions. The best home based business opportunity will give you every tool and instruction you need to succeed. All you must do is follow the directions exactly and you will be ready to replace your regular income with something you can enjoy doing from home every day.You may not have considered it, but motivation is a serious player in the chances you will have at succeeding in the best home based business opportunity available today. If you are only looking for a chance to make money quickly because you desperately need it, your desperation will be enough to get signed up, but probably not to stick with it. No employer would hire an employee who stated their reason for interest in the company was just to make money. You must be willing to work, but your work in an online setting will pay off far more than in a conventional office setting.

Running a Home Based Business – Do You Have What it Takes to Be Your Own Boss?

If you have ever found yourself longing to cut the ties with your 9 to 5 job with the thought in mind that you wanted to start your own home based business, you may need to take a good, hard look at yourself before you take the plunge into being your own boss.While most home based businesses are created out of a desire to be ones own boss, many others are created on a pipe dream of becoming a millionaire nearly overnight while eliminating the requirement of having to report to, and answer to a member of management. Now, before you take the plunge into home business ownership, take a look at the following keys that make a home based business owner successful and determine if you have what it takes to be a successful business owner.First, and most important, do you have the drive needed to get the job done? When it comes to running your own business you have no one to answer to but yourself when it comes to getting the job done. There will be no one standing over your shoulder, or reminding you of projects or tasks that need to be done, or deadlines that need to be met. You are on your own in getting the work done which means you need to make sure you have the drive to do what needs to be done to make your business a success. Copping out and pushing work off to the next day because you “just don’t feel like doing it” will not make your business a success. If you can’t commit to doing what needs to be done for the good of your business, then you may be better cut out for a job where someone tells you what needs to be done as opposed to the other way around.Second, will you be OK with having to handle every task that is involved in running your business? Unlike in the corporate world, home based business owners don’t have the option to pass along any of the tasks and responsibilities that they dislike doing. Depending on your chosen field of expertise, this may require doing the menial paperwork that is required to make sure all your clients pay you on time, or may be something as simple as taking out the trash. Whatever tasks are required in your business, it is your responsibility to get them done. Similar to having the drive to get where you want to go, you need to have the drive to complete any task that is thrown at you. You can’t just push it off to the side in hopes that the magic “work genie” will make it go away. All tasks and responsibilities are on your head to complete. No one will be there to hold your hand and tell you what needs to be done next. You need to be sure you can handle any possible task that is thrown at you because that’s what being a business owner is all about.Lastly, make sure you have the ability to not take yourself too seriously. While running your own home based business offers many benefits, there may be days that the task at hand stresses you out to no end, leaving you seriously reconsidering your new line of work. Whether it is negative feedback from a client, or a task that didn’t go as well as you had hoped, you need to learn from the situation and move on. No one is perfect, and those who don’t take the negatives personally and can learn from them, move on to be successful business owners solely because they know that they cannot please everyone. Just make sure you have the ability to not take yourself too seriously and even the most negative feedback will not have a disastrous affect on your business.Those are the three key features to being a successful home based business owner. If you are not 100% sure that you could succeed with your own home based business because you may be lacking in one of the key areas we discussed, there are other options. You could try starting your own business part time as a true test to yourself to see if you have what it takes to be your own boss. You may just end up surprising yourself by finding traits that you never thought existed, allowing you to enjoy the freedom and success that you had always dreamed that a home based business could provide.

Video As an Engaging Content Marketing Tool

If you are an Internet marketer, blogger, webmaster, and online retailer, you must be turning the Web inside out looking for a strategy to keep your website visitors a few seconds longer on your page. There are a million and one advises or suggestions you can try, but you can save yourself from much trouble by grabbing what seems to be a current trend: video content marketing strategy.

What is video content marketing?

Video content marketing makes use of the video as the heart of the content marketing strategy with the social media being used to support and promote the video content. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube and embedding videos in blog posts offer the most engaging way to share video message to the target audience.

A message that informs, entertains or is useful can foster maximized engagement, spread and conversion by using the content as the message. This can best be achieved by seamlessly integrating the message with the look, feel and flavor of the video. You know you have done well when your message is talked about in forums, discussion boards, and even mainstream media channels.

The use of videos may not really be a new idea. What is novel is the recognition that it can be a very effective vehicle of information and a powerful strategy that prompts immediate action. You have heard about YouTube ranking as the second largest search engine in the Internet and passing the 1 billion monthly users mark. This is equivalent to over 4 billion hours of video viewing each month. With these explosive statistics, it is not surprising to see how it is gaining strength as a source of content marketing.

Will online video be just another over hyped and soon-will-fade craze?

Based on current researches and surveys, it seems unlikely. For instance, consider the data from B2B Demand Generation Benchmark Survey for 2012 entitled Percentage of Marketers Using Each Content or Offer (survey compiled by Eloqua, and Software Advice).

What makes video a crown jewel of content marketing?

Video communication is an effective strategy of reaching target market as it pools the pluses of “classic” TV advertising and the Internet’s interactivity. Powerful and compelling videos can more likely motivate viewers to buy on impulse than those who merely read text ads. In a way, it seems like it is irresistible having a “biological” or “human” factor about it. This may be attributed to the fact that videos can simultaneously affect several senses. If you want to understand the science behind web trending towards video, the explanation of Susan Weinschenk, Ph.D. in Forbes’ article Why Online Video Is Vital For Your 2013 Content Marketing Objectives says it all.

According to Dr. Weinschek, there are four major reasons why people are drawn to videos: the fusiform facial area or the face easily catches and holds attention; the voice can effectively convey rich information and meaningful content; the emotions and the body language are pleasing to watch and infectious; and movements grab attention due to the human’s innate power of peripheral motion. For online marketers looking for a way to engage their visitors, the question is: How must you leverage this 100% human connection to video? The answer lies in what innovative option you will use to make a simple, but impactful video.

If video is not a passing fancy among content creators, then how will it affect future content marketing?

In Kissmetrics’ article The Future of Content Marketing Revealed, some ways to get ahead of competing pack are emphasized. There are three major points made; the content becoming big (long blog posts, giving away of free eBooks, and offering multiple lead magnets) and two stressed the importance of visual content such as use of infographics and videos.

In ReelSEO’s 2012 Online Video Marketing Survey Report, 81% of the respondents/online marketers said they used online video in their marketing efforts. Over two thirds of them (67%) use these videos to social networking sites, and about half (52%) used video in email marketing.

Moreover, approximately 64% of these marketers indicated they intend to spend more money in the coming years intended for technologies, platforms and services allied to the use of video for business marketing programs.

There are of course other statistics that may say otherwise, but for now it seems that content marketing is going beyond text.

Where is video content now?

“Video gives us the opportunity to wow our customers and this in turn delivers results. We have tested and proven that when someone watches our video reviews they’re 120.5% more likely to buy, spend 157.2% longer on the site and spend 9.1% more per order… ” (Matt Lawson, Head of Conversion at Appliances Online).

With all these stats, YouTube’s sensational rise to fame and the cheap video technologies, how can you not use it as a marketing tool? Many think that video is still an underused marketing tool at the moment, but not so in the coming days. Those into it are starting to enjoy improved SEO rankings, site engagement and customer conversion. Maybe you just found a way for your visitors to stay little bit longer on your site.

Outdoor Education Camps With Programs

Summer camps are special camps arranged for people to enjoy their vacation or tour in any adventures. Summer camps comes up with special offers outdoor education camp, leadership camp, science camp, awareness camp and many other social welfare schemes are offered to the public for reasonable prices. Outdoor education forms major part of the education and it is more required for people. Outdoor education is considered has important and essential requirement for most of the people and they fetches more demand among the people. Outdoor education is created and offered specially for kids, children and adults.

The main purpose of estimating and offering outdoor education is to develop self confidence and self esteem among the people. The outdoor education activities, outdoor education courses, outdoor education programs are offered to kids, children, adults by outdoor education schools or outdoor education centers. Outdoor education camps are conducted either inside or outside classrooms. Outdoor education forms major part of the education system and it is more important to be known by the people to come up with every possibility in life. Most of the parents feels better that their children should be aware of outdoor education programs offered and they should compete with outside world.

Outdoor education activities or outdoor education courses are provided by more number of outdoor institutes or adventure outdoor schools. An outdoor education course, outdoor education programs initiates cooperation, coordination, team building, goal settings and spirituality among the students and others. Outdoor education camps are provided by more number of outdoor education institutes or outdoor education schools for reasonable and affordable prices. The outdoor education camp provided will be more worth and valuable for the students who obtains and they are provided under complete knowledge and experience.

Generally, adventure outdoor school or outdoor education schools provides outdoor education activities, outdoor education courses, outdoor education programs to kids, children and adults under prescheduled, guidance and procedures. With regards to qualified, professional and expert outdoor education instructor, outdoor education programs will be offered. Under proper guidance and precautions, outdoor educations will be offered to the people to enable them to know the required outdoor education provided. More number of kids, children and adults are obtaining the outdoor education programs offered.

The outdoor education professionals, experts or instructors guide the kids, children and adults in efficient manner. Generally, outdoor education programs and outdoor education courses are offered to students based on age group, duration of course offered and kind of outdoor education program selected. The outdoor education camp offered will be creative, enthusiastic, innovative and technical appraisement for the students hindering. Outdoor camps will be offered to the students for reasonable price consideration and they are offered by more number of adventure outdoor schools.

Ethics in Business

Sustainable advantage of an organization can be determined by its ethical capability. Ethical capability of an organization is its duty to do what is right. Some organizations such as Enron, Sathyam, and Tyco etc have made false statements in their accounts and cheated both the stakeholders and government. These kind of issues gave rise to the importance of business ethics in business schools all around the world.

Sustainable advantage can be defined as the beneficiary element that determine the long term objectives of an organization, where objectives would be the economic development that generates wealth and meets the needs of the current generation while saving the environment, so future generation can meet their needs as well. There are number of factors that determine the sustainability of an organization, which are its ethics, strategy, employees, financial capital etc. in present scenario, human resource of an organization considered to be its competitive advantage, but it will not provide sustainability. Sustainability of an organization will depend on the impact it has on the people, in the form of trust, honesty, integrity, respect, quality and responsibility. Organizations with poor sustainability will fall back as happened in case of Enron and Sathyam.

Enron was an American energy company founded in 1985 by Kenneth Lay after merging Houston natural gas and internorth( citetation). In early 1990′s Enron sold electricity at market price. At around the same time US congress passed a bill regarding the deregulation sale of natural gas which favored Enron to sell energy at higher prices. In 1992 Enron was the largest merchant of natural gas in North America. Online trading model developed in November 1999 known as Enron online has developed and extended the abilities to negotiate and manage its trading business. By 2001 Enron had both owned and operated gas pipe line, pulp and paper plants, broad band assets, electricity plants and water plants internationally. Enron stock was priced at US $ 83.13 and market capitalization exceeded US$60 billion, and Enron was rated the most innovative large company in America in fortunes most admired companies survey. By the end of 2001 the Enron scandal was revealed. The CEO Jeffrey Skilling with some of the executives have hidden billions in debt from failed deals and projects. Chief financial officer Andrew Fastow and the other executives were able to mislead the board of directors and audit committee by presenting them psydo account statements. Once the scam was published the Enron stock priced at $90 per share in 2000 plummeted to less than $1 by the end of November 2001. This fall in stock value has caused at $11 billion loss for its share holder. The employees of the organization received a limited amount of their salary and pension when it was bankrupted. Several law suits were filed against the company CEO and other executives.

Similar is in case of Sathyam computers, which is termed as the Indian Enron scandal. Sathyam computers were an information technology company which produces software’s headquarters at hyderbad, India. Its chairman Ramalinga Raju produced an account sheet which has a 7000 crore fraud. The chief auditors were also not able to identify this adjustment. As a result of this scam the employees lost their job and chairman was jailed for fraud.

These two cases throw a light on how an organizations as well as economy of the country or in large the world can be impacted with their unethical practices. That, if the organization does not practice ethics will not have sustainability.

Need for the business ethics: for the following

1. Business operates with in the society

2. Every business irrespective of size exists more on ethical mean or in total regard to its social concern to survive long.

3. Business needs to function as responsible corporate citizens in the country.

Business is a part of subsystem of a society, therefore its functioning should contribute to the welfare of the society. If the business earns social sanction of the society, where it exists then it would be able to survive, develop and excel in activities, because only through earning social sanction the business can get loyal customers. Loyal customers are sustainable advantage and therefore can survive in market without which it will collapse and die away. Large organizations put more interest on public, the managers are eager to have public opinion and always seek to maintain a proper image of company in their minds.

Now a day’s minimizing profit is not the only priority of business, it should have sustainability, which can only be achieved through ethical practices. Any organization big or small should follow ethical practices as it brings in a sense of social responsibility which eventually provides sustainability to the organization. Business should also be a responsible corporate citizen which does not allow narrow mentality goals and motives.

Cross culture variability

Ethical practices in a country or society will depend on various factors such as religious, beliefs, historic, traditions, social customs, and existing political and economic rules or policies. For example in Asian countries such as Japan, China etc loyalty to work groups and corporations has strong ethical values. This kind of ethics has been brought down through centuries long traditions, therefore one does not think of oneself but rather think of family, government and others involved with him, thus providing social responsiveness.

Nature of ethics

The concept of ethics deals only with human beings, as they only have the freedom and means to choose free will. Human being can distinguish between good and evil, right and wrong, and just and proper. For example a Japanese employee believes that it Is unethical on his part to attend an interview with other company when he is still with the current company. So human can fix a goal and the means to achieve it. Ethics is also science that nowadays has become a set of systematic knowledge about moral behaviour and conduct. Ethics deals with human conduct which is voluntary and not forced by any person at any circumstances.

Business ethics and profits

The cases of Enron and Sathyam makes a point that ethics and profits are opposed to each other, as when an organisation is ethical it makes short term profit and if the organisation is unethical it makes huge profit. The same cases prove us one more thing that is it makes huge profit unethically but will not sustain in the market. Ethical companies not only make profit but also overcome their competitors and other turbulent changes happening through out the years and have contributed to social welfare. Ethical companies have social responsibilities which allow them to flourish undiminished and make profit. Tata group of companies is one company which follows ethical practises. It is said that the chief executive officer of Tata is also its chief ethics officer. Some of the ethical policies followed by the company include national interest, support from open market economy, gift and donation for social cause, political non alignment, health safety and environment care, quality product and service and regulatory compliance etc. Ratan Tata the present chairman of Tata group has declined from airline industry because he was told to bribe then minister to enter the business, which he claimed to be unethical and against the policies the group follows. His predecessor JRD Tata had set up the first commercial airlines ‘Tata Airlines’ in India which was later overtaken by the government of India and named it as Indian airlines. So besides being a pioneer in airline industry they were not able to procure it because they felt it would not sustain them and it would bring a bad image for the company. This is the reason why people have great respect for Tata group and their ethical practices and policies have created brand loyalty which has helped them to survive in market even though many competitors came.

Cross cultural contradictions

Ethical policies become a problem when the companies are not able to do business at home, therefore the other societies where the ethical policies are liberal or works in their favour. At home they are not allowed to sell products because it is unethical to use unsafe products but they may sell it in other countries where the ethical standards allow them to sell these products. It happens especially with pharma products. Some factories which emit pollutant gases are set up in neighbouring countries because ethical standards at home do not allow the factory to run business. These pollutant gases emitted are dangerous for people and the environment. Still it is ethical in certain countries. These kinds of issues give rise to cross cultural contradiction and exploitation. These issues which arise become difficult for the managers and firms to solve. Therefore the business has responsibility for their country but to four major groups they are society, employees, customers or consumers and investors.(example drugs)

Factors influencing business ethics:

Leadership, strategy and performance, individual characteristics, corporate culture and environment

Leader is a person who leads the people towards achieving a common goal. Leader can be good or bad, great or small they arise out of the needs and opportunities of a particular time and place. Not all leaders are considered to be perfect in their decision making because each and every decision they make will depend upon the character of person which differ from person to person. Character of a person includes their inborn talents, learned and acquired traits which were imposed upon them by life and experience. Leaders are models and mentors to their followers therefore they follow the path way set by their leaders. In a large organisation the top level managers or CEO are considered to be the executive and supervisory leader. The CEO should have strong commitment towards ethics and ethical conduct and should give a constant leadership in renewing the values of an organisation. They play a key role in creating, maintaining and changing the ethical culture. It is necessary for the leader to set good examples, and follows ethics. One such good leader is JRD Tata who set a good example for his successor and they still follow it. Where there are good leaders there will be good ethical practices in business.

Corporate governance: is the set of systems and processes that a company follows to ensure that it is in the best interest of the stake holders. Stakeholders are the shareholders, employees, customers, creditors and the community.

Sustainability has three components according to john elkington’s triple bottom line concept they are economic, social and environmental. According to elkington the business does not have one single goal of attaining profit but to extend the goal set by adding environmental and social values. Thus sustainability has become the new goal set by the organisation.

Environmental perspective: natural resources.

Economic perspective: about the future generation.

Social perspective: over exploiting of employees and not providing equality in gender employment, caste creed and religion based employment employing child labour.

Organisational culture: is the set of shared values, beliefs, goals, norms etc that prevails within an organisation. The organisational culture emphasis on ethics but as it grows it may change, as in the case of tyco where its organisational culture supports unethical practices. If the company makes huge profits in unethical way then individual who joins the organisation would also have to practice unethical things to survive in the company. As in the case of enron where many executives and managers knew that the company was following some illegal and unethical practices, but the executives and the board of directors did not know how to make the ethical decisions and corporate ethical culture. Thus they fall back and managers have to pay in the form of fines and imprisonment.

Business ethics is the application of ethical principle in the organization or business. An organization should produce or make its own ethical cultures, but this ethical culture formulated should be drawn from the concept of what is ethical to all and not what is right for the organization itself. The employees of the organization, also has to follow the same ethical principles. The organisation being ethical will provide certain social responsibilities such as they do not harm the stake holders, the general public and the society as well. “business that treat their employees with dignity and integrity reap rewards in the form of high moral and productivity” (Frederic, Post and Davis).

There are three major types of ethical issues that arise in a business they are, face to face ethics, corporate policy ethics and functional area ethics. Face to face ethical issues happen between the employees of an organization in their day to day organizational life. the employee face these ethical conflicts when their personal standards differs from what their job demands. Corporate policy ethical issues happen in the basic operations of a company. The top level management including the board of directors and CEO’s are responsible for ethical practices of the organization. Functional area ethics issues arise at all functional levels of the organization. For example in the accounting department, if unfair pressure is put on employees to deliver an audit report which has been altered or not showing current accounts of the organization would be un ethical, as it does not follow the standards and policies set by the organization.

Causes for unethical issues:

There are many reasons for an organization to follow unethical practices they are personal gain and selfish interest, competitive pressures on profits, business goals and personal goals, cross cultural contradictions. When an employee gives more importance to his greed or concern for his personal gain rather than any other concerns, irrespective of the harm it can bring to the organization is termed as unethical practices that arise due to personal gain and selfish interest. When a company has tough competitors in a limited or static market; it may engage some unethical practices just to be in business or to protect their profits. If the organization uses some unethical means to achieve its goal that is unaccepted by its stakeholders will give rise to ethical issues under business goal and personal goal. Here the organisaiton has set a goal that would conflict with the personal goal of its stake holders. Under such conditions the individuals involved have two choices either to follow the ethical ways of the organization or “blowing the whistle” on organization.

Environmental perspective relates to the exploitation of natural resources in business. The company should make sure that the natural resources are not exploited; it should sustain the resources so that the future generation can also enjoy them as we did. One such example is the restriction of fishing in the North Sea, to sustain the availability of diminishing cod fish to the consumers.

Economic perspective of sustainability relates to the economic growth and fall in the society. The short term adjustments made by the companies such as bribes and cartels will only be for a short period of time, it will never achieve a long time sustainability the organizations attitude towards the environment in which it is embedded. If the organization does not pay taxes are said to behave unethically similar in the case of organization that does not give donations to public institutions such as schools, hospitals, police and other justice systems.

What Can You Do With A Degree In Nutrition?

Earning a degree focused in nutrition can have many potential career paths other than becoming a nutritionist. There are six main types of nutrition paths to choose from, including teaching nutrition, public health nutrition, nutrition consulting, clinical nutrition, food science, and food service management. Most nutrition jobs should fall within one of these categories.

A degree in nutrition could help individuals land employment as a public health official, dietetic consultant, school food service director, quality control manager, food distributor, or wellness coordinator. Individuals may be employed through health maintenance organizations, school systems, food manufactures, wellness centers, and exercise and fitness centers. Government agencies also have the potential to employ those with degrees in nutrition. Some of the government agencies could include Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Nutrition Program, SNAP- Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Department of Health, and U.S. Public Health Services.

While earning a college degree, individuals will most likely be required to study a wide range of courses to gain a well-rounded education. Students could be expected to take courses related to nutrition, consisting of anatomy and physiology, introduction to food science, sociology, bacteriology, chemistry, and biochemistry. By completing an internship, individuals are able to gain hands on experience in the nutrition field before committing to a job or while still in school. Internships can serve as a great way to determine where your interests are, and if obtaining a career in this field is a good fit.

It is important for individuals wanting to succeed in a career in nutrition to possess skills such as organization and planning, strong verbal and written communication, proficient math skills for weights and measures, and interest in the well-being and health of others. To be successful working in nutrition, individuals may be required to advise patients in practicing good nutrition, monitoring diet modifications, and assessing health plans. Those with a degree in nutrition should also be able to monitor food safety conditions and create menus for specific dietary needs.

Depending on your place of employment and job description, individuals with a nutrition degree may be asked to create visuals aids and nutrition manuals that could be useful in teaching. Companies dealing with food service may hire nutrition graduates to create meal plans, ensure food safety, or develop new food products. Salary potential can depend on more than the actual job, but also education level, years of experience, and location of employment.

How to Pursue Online Nutrition Programs

Nutrition science a popular topic

One of the popular subjects in the curriculum of various educational institutions is nutrition science. With increased awareness of nutrition for the upkeep of the health of the individual, now more and more people pay regular visit to the nutrition experts to seek their valuable advice on various issues like nutritious diet, calorie oriented food and on such other related topics. As a result, nutrition technology has become one of the preferred subjects for study.

Nutrition program as a profession

Of course, there are several colleges and other organizations which teach nutrition technology as a part of the curriculum. At the same time, many institutions have started online nutrition programs for the benefit of those who are unable to attend the in house training programs. These online programs are conducted under the supervision and guidance of experts in the field. Many of these institutions teaching online nutrition programs have been accredited to appropriate government bodies. These online institutions teach as per the syllabus prescribed by the concerned authorities.

Course content

The curriculum normally is based on the credit hours. The credit hours depend on the course the student has chosen. For example, a diploma in nutrition science has 30 credit hours. On the other hand a bachelor course has 45 credit hours. These online programs also allow for specialization in nutrition science. Some of the popular fields of specialization include nutrition for sportsmen, nutrition for children, and nutrition for elderly people and so on. There are also several therapeutic nutrition programs like for those suffering from high blood pressure or for those who are obese or diabetic. Normally, students taking up online nutrition programs are taught by using the digital canvas. This helps to create a virtual classroom atmosphere for the student. The student is taught on various issues like human anatomy and physiology, application of nutrition principle for treating various ailments, nutritional therapy and also on counseling patients.

Offers better prospects

The duration of the course is normally nine months to one year. This of course, depends on the course the student has opted. At the end of the course, the students will have to undergo comprehensive examination. Normally, the student is required to undertake the examination in person at the designated place, date and time. Eligible students can opt for higher studies in nutrition technology like masters degree. The course fee varies from institution to institution. Some of the institutions also help the student in finding a suitable placement. Many of the students who have completed the online program on nutrition are of the opinion those who have taken up course at an accredited institution will have brighter chances of securing a suitable placement.